Get rid of the traditional menu cost with Tablet Menu solutions!

Present your multilanguage menu!

Add, delete products, change prices in seconds!

Tablet Menu

Glance at the innovation Menufay offers

Easily Design your Tablet Menu!

You can present your products with quality and breathtaking images with Tablet Menu.

You can prepare your menu from Management Panel in minutes.

You can design your menu with our user-friendly web panel short notice.

You can boost your brand value with a custom design for your business.

Why should I use Digital Menu?

Lower Cost

Digital menu save you from the problems of printing traditional menus and reduce your costs.


You can change your products' prices, images and ingredients easily thanks to Digital Menu.


You can simultaneously present your multilanguage menu to your clients. So, you can disposal the communication problem with foreign customers..

Create Value to Your Brand

You can create value to your brand with a stylish menu.

Increase Sales

You can increase your sales by creating promotions and campaings.


You can disable the products from your menu, you can immediately add your new products.


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